Which Way Did He Go?

      Growing up I couldn’t wait to watch some Looney Toones; even today I love watching those original cartoons. Bugs Bunny, Tweety Bird, Elmer Fudd and the Tasmanian Devil were some of my favorite characters.  Bugs was so cool; he could disguise himself as almost anything tricking the character looking for him.  You may remember a dog that used to hunt Bugs would always ask: “Which way did he go, which way did he go George?” Makes me laugh just thinking about it.        
      Bugs may have been the master of disguises in the cartoons but he is  certainly not alone in our world for people who deceive.  All you have to do is turn on the nightly news and you’ll find someone trying to convince you that their version of the story is correct regardless of the facts. Truth is now in the eye of the beholder.  Not only is the news skewed but even scarier than that is the deception in Christianity today.  No longer do we look for the truth in the words of the Bible but we are now hearing that the Bible doesn’t really mean what it says. I’ve heard things like: ‘the Old Testament has no bearing on my life because the New Testament is here.’ They neglect the verse where Paul tells Timothy that all scripture, by the way they didn’t have the New Testament at that point, is usually for teaching and this isn’t the only verse that points us back to the Old Testament. 2 Timothy 3:16.
          I believe the answer is the reason you and I have started on this journey through the Bible, we must be in the Word.  You and I should daily be getting our Power UP on and diving in the Word.  We should be asking the question: ‘which way did you go God’ and track Him down.  Not listening to Bugs, or the world, but finding the truth ourselves. Each day should be a day that you and I grow stronger in the Word to the point that we cannot be deceived.  I
          If you haven’t already done so join us on the journey through the Bible by picking up a reading plan or going online and downloading it.  Then each day open the Word and ask God to show you the truth in His Word.  

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