What Lies Within You Is The Power To Change The Destiny Of Another Person

I remember hearing that phrase a number of years ago at a Regional Men’s Breakfast. I can’t tell you who it was who said it, or even what he spoke about that day, but those simple words have had a major impact in my life ever since. Those words took me back in my own life to moments where people have tried to shape my destiny. From being told I had big nostrils to having my birth father, who I didn’t meet until in my 20’s, call when I was a young teenager and talk to my little sister and older brother but not to me; words and actions had played a huge role in my destiny. As I thought about those words, ‘the power to change the destiny’, I could not help but think of people I had also impacted by my words and actions.
Unfortunately, as I pondered those words, I realized I had not always impacted someone’s destiny in the right direction. Just as others had helped foster low self-esteem, a property mind-set, and a low expectation of what I could become in my own life, I could think of times I had used the same power against others. Most of us have probably heart Proverbs 18:21, “The tongue has the power of life and death, and those who love it will eat it’s fruit.” What I don’t think we realize is that we can bring just as much damage by what we don’t say or do, as we do with our words and actions.
Let us be a church family that walks around realizing that every moment of every day, every word, thought and action can have an eternal impact on the people we both know and don’t know. Who we are was in some way shaped by others; our family, friends, classmates and others. Thankfully we have a Savior that can get our destiny back on the right path when others impact it negatively. I no longer have to walk around with a complex thinking I have big nostrils! But even greater than that I no longer deal with low self-esteem/expectations nor a poverty mind-set. Your destiny may have been impacted by others, but the Father of all creation knows, “the plans He has for you.” Let’s be agents of positive change where we use the power to change to direct people toward God the Father.   ~Pastor James