Movin’ on UP

Most people 40+ will remember the Jefferson’s and how they were “Movin on UP to the east side.” It signified that they had finally arrived; moving from a lower class area to an upper class apartment. I honestly can’t tell you much about the show but the concept is very clear: moving up is a good thing.
If I were to sum up 2016 I would say it was the year of division. Racial tensions elevated to possibly equal the 60s. A Presidential election that led to riots, fear and hateful speech. News media reporting opinion as facts and whatever would stir up confusion and hate. And now our young people are starting brawls in malls across America.
So where does that leave us: the Church? God woke me up several days before Christmas and spoke a simple word in my ear “UP.” I’ve learned that when I wake up in the middle of the night that it’s either indigestion or God, My response is always the same at these early morning wake ups; I begin to pray. I’ll start praying for whatever comes to mind, most of the time God brings people to my mind. But this night He just brought that simple word, and since I was already UP, pun intended, I asked for clarification.
The word UP combines both direction and movement. Just say UP to anyone and they will most likely know the direction you are talking about and probably will actually look UP.: both direction and movement. This is where I believe God is calling the Crossroads Church: to move UP, to stand UP, to rise UP to look UP.

This first Sunday of January I will be bringing a message simply called UP that will focus on two things: Unity and Peace. If you have missed this message I would ask that you go online to and listen to the sermon. For those of you without internet access we will make available CDs with the message. This message will be the kick off to our year as we begin to move on UP to all the God has for us. We will also be kicking off, starting in February, a Church reading plan with a goal of reading through the Bible in a year.

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