Impacting Lives for Christ



You and I were created to worship, it’s in our DNA.  The object of our WORSHIP must be God as He only is the only One truly worthy of our WORSHIP.  But WORSHIP is much more than signing!  WORSHIP is found in multiple forms and, here at The Crossroads, we believe we should WORSHIP with all that we have…drama, singing, dance & etc.



Discipling our kids is a top priority at The Crossroads.  We’ve invested time, money and talent in our Children’s Ministry, which we refer to as “Kids Konnect,” in the hopes that we prepare our kids to be strong Christians throughout their life.  Our kids are taught by a dedicated Pastor with 20+ years experience working with kids. 


If you are in the 6th – 12th grade you are part of our 4:13 Student Ministries. 4:13 is based off the 13 verse of Acts 4 which says: “when they saw that they were ordinary men who had been with Jesus, they were astonished.” We believe that what makes you and I great, more than just ordinary men and women, is our time with Jesus.  That’s what 4:13 Student Ministries is about, introducing students to the real Jesus.


As much as we were created to worship we were also created for fellowship with God and that’s what is at the very heart of our PRAYER ministry.  PRAYER is essential in every believers life. as they build their relationship with God, but it is also vital for the Church.  Our PRAYER ministry serves the Church by providing a PRAYER team that works with the Pastor before, and during, service.  We also have a prayer chain that provides timely prayer when situations arise throughout the week.


It’s not enough to say ‘We are the Church’ without actually going out and being the Church.  The Crossroads sees our role in our community, our country and the whole world, as a Church that Intersects Lives with Christ.  We do this by hosting monthly opportunities to give our of our time, talent and treasures in our community.  We also host yearly trips throughout the US and abroad.

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Being a disciple of Christ not only means fellowship with God but it also deeply depends on our fellowship with one another.  At The Crossroads we understand the value of each and every person in the Church and realize that by bringing the body of Christ together, in smaller groups, we are able to grow in our walk with God.  Proverbs 27:17 states: “As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another.”