Senior Pastor-Chris Chappell
Our heart’s desire is for His name to be known…To go where He sends us and to share His Gospel to those who don’t know Him. We have been in the ministry for almost 20 years where we served as associate and senior pastors VA, NC and Maine. 
Our roots are deep in missions…Pastor Chris served as a missionary and church planter in the Philippines soon after he graduated from Lee University while I grew up in the Philippines in a missionary family who ran a medical missions outreach ministry to the people of the islands who had little to no access to medical care. I met pastor Chris in the Philippines on a mission’s trip through Lee University where he hosted our team…after the summer of 2002, we decided to live happily ever after…we will celebrate 20 years of marriage in March 2023! 
We have 4 wonderful children, Bella, Gabbi, Zac and Ollie.